Video: Scientology and Raising Children

I’ve posted a number of other articles & videos to attempt to summarize my views on applying Scientology as a parent, but this video – recently posted on the Church of Scientology Youtube Channel, summarizes best some of the most key points.    If you’re interested in how Scientologists approach parenting, the above video is worth a watch.

These points are also discussed in detail in the free Scientology on-line course that you can take on raising Children.   But, to point some of these ideas out in particular, so that you can read up on them:

3 thoughts on “Video: Scientology and Raising Children

  1. I’m just writing in to acknowledge what a wonderful resource and guide this website is. My children are grown and on their way to making their own way in life, but today my lovely 18 year old son gave me a big hug, out of the blue, and told me, “Mom, I’m couldn’t have asked for a better mom than you. I love you.” Wow. What a wonderful product, which I attribute to the greatness of the technology of parenting provided by L. Ron Hubbard. My success as a parent comes from my complete love of my children, coupled with knowledge of and application of the correct techniques of parenting – found here and in the courses on parenting referenced here.

    I wish I had such a resource as this site when my children were young. So much easier!! So, just wanted to put in my 2 cents and encourage parents out there to use this site – study the references and apply them. If you have difficulty applying, get help. Then, as you grow older, you’ll have the same pleasure as I experience watching my boys succeed in life and treat me, their family and friends with love and respect.

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