Day 26 | Daddy & Babies at Fort De Soto BeachDay 130 | Munchkins seeing me off at the choo choo train.  #cute #dadstalkingDay 129 | Watching Her Sister Ride HorsiesDay 128 | I dare you to stay in a bad mood after watching this.Day 127 | Wassup, guys?Day 125 | Passed out on the floor, part deux
Day 124 | Passed out on the floorDay 123 | Mackenzie making sure DJ stays hydratedDay 122 | Oh, Goodness What a SmileDay 121 | Holding Hands at Calvert Cliffs ParkDay 120 | Smiling for the CameraDay 119 | Related?
Day 118 | Chattering about "the big Thomas" in the RickshawDay 117 | Yay!  VRE arrived!  Kids are happy.Day 116 | DJ thinks SallyAnn is HilariousDay 115 | Daddy & MunchkinsDay 115 | GigglesDay 114 | Italian Cutie
Day 112 | Tanking UpDay 111 | Captain GigglesPassed out in the Bouncer - AgainDay 108 | Mackenzie Teaching DJ to Crawl - 8Day 107 | Demonstrating the Proper way to have Barbie Ride a TruckDay 106 | Giggly DJ by the Washington Monument

Baby 365 Project 2.0, a set on Flickr.

Seeing as both of my kids were born in the Internet Era, I figured it would be fun to keep track of both of their first years with a daily photo log in Flickr. It’s actually been easier than keeping a daily journal like my mom did for my sister & I, as you don’t need to remember to write anything. When you have questions like, “how old was Mackenzie when she first started wanting to stand up?” — one just has to look at the daily photos, as the milestones are all there.

Plus, I’m an obsessive geotagger – so I’ve also got a nifty map of where we were each day, which is also great fun see.

We’re on our 11th month of the project now. One day, when I have time, I’ll make a side-by-side comparison to Mackenzie’s baby 365 Project, which for me is already extra-fun to do.

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