Day 155 | 5 Months Old

Day 155 | 5 Months Old, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

Boy how time files! She’s 5 months old now as of this past Saturday.

State of the Baby address:

Vocalization Status: Favourite terms are “dag dag dag dag dag”, “glaaaaa”, “jai jai jai” and “aaaaahhhaaaaaah!!”. Very verbal, very cute.

Mobility Status: She still isn’t sitting up by herself, devotes most of her time trying to stand up if you’re holding her. Will stand up while you hold her hands, sometimes holding only one hand. Loves to jump in her jumper, or in your lap.

Rotation Status:Will turn over from front to back about 3 seconds after you put her on her stomach. Can turn over back to front as well, but not as fast.

Food Intake Status: Vaporizes approximately 10-15oz of breastmilk and 10-15oz of formula per day, and has started really taking to french fries, potato wedges, LOVES apple butter and grapes, and will obliterate a buttered english muffin.

Specific Gravity / Height: We don’t know, haven’t bothered to measure her in close to 2 months. At 3 months old she was in the 90th percentile on weight, 95th percentile on height, and she’s definitely outgrown a TON of clothes since then. 3 month clothes definitely don’t fit, 6 month clothes don’t fit 50% of the time, usually a good fit is 9-12 month clothes.

Health Status: Still hasn’t even come CLOSE to getting sick.

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