Locational Assists – Good for Babies, Good for Haiti Grief Counselling

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Any Scientology parent will tell you that one of most useful pieces of Scientology technology to have around a baby is the locational assist. This is an incredibly simple procedure in which one can take a person (or little person) who has their attention too fixated on something and make them able to unfix their attention and proceed on with life.

It works great on babies – we do it with ours any time she even gets a little fussy, with the result that our baby basically never gets to a state where she’s crying. She always has her mental facilities about her.

But this is just as important for the relief workers who are in Haiti, as when you have life problems cranked up to a massive order of magnitude (lost loved ones, collapsed houses, etc) it becomes of primary importance (after first aid of course) to get people back to square zero with all of their mental faculties about them and ready to move on.

11 thoughts on “Locational Assists – Good for Babies, Good for Haiti Grief Counselling

  1. The best thing is that there is no explanation needed for this assist. With both children and in VMing you just get the person doing the assist and nobody thinks it’s odd or strange, they just see results!

    1. Agreed – and that’s the best part. No indoctrination needed, no training, just all of the sudden the person (or baby) is calm and aware of their surroundings. Then people think you’re a magician! 🙂

  2. Good explaination Tad. I can recall using it a time or two as you were growing up. However, the most rewarding thing is when you hear one of your kids tell u the story above. Now that’s multiple layers of satisfaction

  3. We use the locational all the time with our baby. It will pull him out of any little fuss he gets into. We always get comments about how incredibly sweet he is.

  4. Using locationals for all three of my children, I believe, has made such an immense difference in their general awareness level and ability to communicate so well from such a young age. We constantly got (and still get) comments on how “there” our children are.

    1. Totally. We’re constantly having to explain how to do a locational to anyone that watches Mackenzie for any length of time, as unfortunately the grooved-in thing that so many people do when a baby hurts themself is to do a whole saccharine, “oooohhh…I’m sooooo sooooorrryy, pooor bayyyyybeeeee…” thing which just does NOTHING to get them back in present time and out of their hysterics. Mackenzie, even after bonking her head on a table edge at maximum warp, still chills out with a locational in about 15 seconds.

  5. In addition to using locationals with all our kids when they were babies (and since), I’ve used them on other people’s kids too, with great results! Everybody runs into a child upset about something or a crying baby every once in a while–it’s nice to be able to help!

  6. Yes, Locationals can be life savers! And just wait till the first time your daughter asks you if you need a locational. Amazing experience.

    1. 🙂 Well, my daughter already loves nothing more than for you to pick her up and walk around so she can point out things to you until you’re brighter!

  7. Each psychologist has various different ways of mental therapy approach, and this local assist is a true life saver for people in a falling situation. This approach is truly accommodating.

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