Everything you Wanted to Know About Silent Birth but Were Afraid to Ask


With Kelly Preston due to have her new baby in November, the mindless media is once again abuzz with speculation and invented conjecture about how Scientologists approach the delivery of a baby, and most of all the extremely straightforward and non-controversial practice of quiet birth (which the media has erroneously renamed “silent birth” – but we’ll let that slide).

What is Silent Birth then?  The answer is extremely simple, and as such we’ve just put up a new 7-page section of the site giving everything you ever wanted to know about Silent Birth, and how Scientologists approach the subject of childbirth.

Obviously, the first and last thing anyone should know about this is that the Church takes positively no position of authority in the matter of childbirth.  From the beginning to the end, it is up to the parents how they want to conduct their birth.  Any Scientologist wants what’s best for their family, and as such it is up to the mother and father to determine exactly how they want to bring their new baby into the world.

That being said, definitely feel free to peruse the section below – and let me know if there is a facet of the subject that needs to be touched on to more fully answer any of your questions on it.

More on Silent Birth:

2 thoughts on “Everything you Wanted to Know About Silent Birth but Were Afraid to Ask

  1. This is so great! I wish you had this up when I was pregnant with Beckett (or even Satori for that matter). What a wonderful way to educate people on what silent birth is really all about.

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