Free On-Line Communication Course – Video Overview


Seeing as my earlier post on Communication – A Key Element  in Parenting has been among the most-popular and discussed topics on the site, I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight the incredible new films on the Scientology Volunteer Ministers site that go along with each of the new free on-line courses.

imageThree of the videos are on-line now,  with a total of 12 to be released in short order, covering a variety of topics of interest to parents as well as children.  But as so many of you pointed out in the lively discussion on communication in parenting, communication is vital point to start with, if you want to improve your ability to handle your children, your ability to create a happy and fulfilling marriage, and your overall success in life.

And as the video points out, even grandparents could have a thing or two to gain by improving their communication skills.

Have a watch!  And if you haven’t learned these tools already, they’re vital!

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