Her Second Auditor’s Day

Mackenzie came to the Founding Church for her second Auditor’s Day celebration this past weekend.   For those of you who don’t know, Auditor’s Day is a fairly significant Scientology holiday generally celebrated in the second week of September, which is a tribute to Auditors around the world.  Auditors are the the most important practitioners in the Scientology religion, and are those which deliver Scientology spiritual counseling – called “Auditing”.   A video description of auditing and what an auditor does is on the Scientology Video Channel.


Last Auditors Day (Auditors Day 2009) was her first Scientology event, at only 21 days old. As you might imagine, she didn’t participate too much in that 2009 event, being less than a month old.  But she did stay awake through about half of the event, and was just serenely observant for the time she was awake.   Unfortunately, she had to stay in the kids room for this event, as her waking hours are punctuated now by multitudinous outbursts of her showing off her prodigious vocabulary.

But for reference, here was one of the photos we took after last year’s Auditors Day Event, a jaunt around the Jefferson Memorial.  She was smaller then:


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