Mother on Scientology: “It isn’t a belief. It is something you do.”

Scientologist Parent Magaera Fagan’s bio and video was recently featured by the Church, and has a message I can relate to – helping the child develop a sense of their own possessions and to help guide them without thwarting their interests.  See her video here:

“My son is an awesome boy,” says Fagan. “You can ask anyone who knows him. He is so even tempered—he has never thrown a tantrum—and he is interested in people and things. When you meet him or talk to him, it’s hard to believe he’s only 7 years old.”

Of great value to Fagan, 40, is how Scientology helped her learn to treat Jett as an individual, granting him the right to be himself and have his own possessions. And the communication skills she and husband Steve have learned through Scientology help them guide Jett to help him develop a sense of discipline without thwarting his interests.

Raised in a family of Scientologists herself, Fagan has known since she was a child that Scientology works.

“Scientology isn’t a belief. It is something you do. It is an applied religious philosophy—a technology and a way of life,” she says. “My mother became a Scientologist when I was 3 and she brought me up using Scientology principles. I was happy and healthy and I had many friends. Everything was fine.”

In fact, it was because she was doing so well in life that Fagan tended to take Scientology for granted.

“It wasn’t until I was 29 that I became serious about learning it for myself,” she says. “There was a certain point in my Scientology spiritual counseling when I thought, ‘Hey, I’ve changed. I’ve become more capable.’ I realized I was more aware of people, events and things around me. I wanted to take on more, become involved in Scientology and use it to help others.”

imageFagan became much more active at the Church of Scientology of Sydney where she now volunteers part-time helping others progress in the religion.

“Scientology is something you use every day in your life,” says Fagan. “It is the basic laws of life—how life operates. That is the significance of what L. Ron Hubbard discovered. So naturally, if you learn these laws and use them, you have a happier life. And that’s what I’ve gained from Scientology—a saner, more rational and happier life for myself and my family.”

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