My Daughter, Contributing Back

Curiously enough, the same day I post this video on allowing kids to contribute in the family, I walk into the bedroom to find this scene – my 3-year-old daughter reading books to my 2-year-old son. She’s teaching him all about dinosaurs until finally he has to go potty, and she then offers to go take him to the potty (which she then does, successfully).

In addition to being brain-meltingly cute, I just love that my daughter is already contributing back to the family in a truly meaningful way!

1 thought on “My Daughter, Contributing Back

  1. As a Scientology Parent the one item I am most proud of is my success with letting my son contribute to my home. This evening that I post this my 7 year old son helped me take down the Christmas tree. (Yes I know I’m late.) I simply asked him tonight. “Do you want to help me take down the tree?” He says “Tonight?” I say “Sure.” He says “Ok.” That’s how simple life is for us. Since he was about two I let him help me with what ever I was doing around the house. Dishes, sweeping, bathroom cleaning, etc.. Sometimes this caused me to take twice as long to get a job done or I had to re-clean a few things after he went to bed. Most of the time I find that if I just take a step back and let him help me with things he actually does a fine job! As a result we have no big upsets about chores in our house. I have no chore lists, or punishments for not doing chores. In preparation for the Holiday Season my son cleaned his room totally on his own with no help from me. This included throwing out two bags of old toys and folding ever piece of clothing in his drawers. If you want a peaceful home this point of allowing a child to contribute is totally key.
    Thank you for this great website.
    Love, Emily

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