This Snapshot Describes my Life

This, I think, is about the most accurate snapshot I could have created, of what my life is like as a parent right now.

I took this photo originally to try to show, with some modicum of cuteness, the two new foldy kids chairs that my wife got from L.L. Beans today.  But I ended up getting what, to me at least, communicates what I’m experiencing as a parent right now.  And for me, I find it quite fantastic.

My daughter, as you can see, is not involved at all in me.  She has new boots, and her interest right now is repeatedly taking her boots on & off, taking her shoes on and off, and noting which are the most “pretty”, or devising for herself when she’ll next be able to go stomping in puddles.  She’s extremely independent for someone who’s just turned two, and can happily keep herself busy with her trains, with her cars, with her barrettes and hairbands, etc for some time.  She fascinates me.

She starts school next week, and I am bracing myself for the rocket ride that will ensue, in terms of her new interests, abilities and verbosity.

My son, on the other hand, is a ham – another reason I love this photo.  While my daughter is involving herself in whatever she’s involved in, he’s busy exploring his universe, feeling things out, and completely cracking up if anyone gives him their attention.  And that includes either of our cats.

If I haven’t made it clear already, I really love being a parent to these kids.

Likely, if you’ve read anything else on this site, that’s come through.  Did you know it’s been a full year now since I started this site?   I first went live with this at the end of August last year.  Since then, I’ve published over 200 articles on the fun of applying Scientology as a parent.  And boy is it fun.

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