Perks of Being a Stay-At-Home Mommy (Video)

I swear, my wife has one of the most enviable jobs on the planet. This summer, while we prepare ourselves for our daughter to start attending preschool this fall, my wife has been being a stay-at-home mom, whilst also trying to jam in some other various projects like helping our local church.  As such, she gets to witness regular radness like our 22-month-old daughter jumping around our 4-month old, as he hangs on her every move and laughs his little baby butt off in the process.

Laughing Baby on Exercise TimeI know from experience that there are trade-offs in being a stay-at-home mom, in terms of a lack of sleep, and having to try to do ANYTHING of value while juggling the munchkins.  It’s way harder than it looks, and I think my Linux Network Engineering job is quite a bit easier.  But little perks like the above make it a pretty compelling benefits package. 🙂

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