My Daughter, By Months

Newborn | Little Package1 Month | Dinnertime in the Sunset2 Months | Day 62 | Itty Bitty FingersDay 93 | Three Months Old4 Months | Day 126 | The wind-blown look5 Months | Snow Taller than Mackenzie
6 Months | Baby & Capitol Bokeh7 Months | Can you tell we're related?8 Months | Day 266 | Mommy & Baby by the River9 Months | Day 300 | Come back from work late, and what do I find?10 Months | Back Yard w/5D - 111 Months | Day 334 | BabyButt
12 Months | Sunset Silhouette13 Months | Peek a boo!14th Month | Look!15 Months | Chilly Baby, Chilly Daddy16th Month | Officially in the Land of Sentences17th Month | Running through the FH
18th Month | Yup, Gorgeous.19th Month | Ka-blam!20 Months | Sitting Pretty

Mackenzie by Months, a set on Flickr.

I think it’s officially when kids turn two that you’re disallowed from saying how many months old they are, and instead just say, “They’re Two” or “She’s two and a half.”

But until then, I’ve decided to keep a running set of my favorite photos of my daughter, one for each month.

I figured that the best gift to give her grandparents after she’s two is an awesome, large format book of each of her months, with highlights from each month. For me, as a parent who gets to see her daily, it’s all the more interesting to see the leaps & jumps she’s made over each month.

And yes, as I’m keeping a 365 Project of my son’s growth as well, it’ll be a fun task to make a photo book for when he turns two as well.

(updated 26 Jun 2011 with latest month’s photos)

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