Scientology Silent Birth: One Mother’s Story

imageMary Beth Sammons at AOL ParentDish just wrote a fantastic article featuring Jamie Bristol, mother of what’s turned out to be arguably the cutest baby boy in recent memory.   The article covered the topic of “silent birth” and how Scientologists approach the subject of birth.  Jamie’s responses were excellent, and unlike many media pundits, were treated with dignity and respect by Ms. Sammons:

Almost a year ago, Ethan entered the world two weeks late at 12:17 a.m., weighing 8 pounds, 9 ounces, through a silent birth. The practice has been making headlines recently with the birth of Benjamin Travolta on Nov. 23. Actor parents Kelly Preston and John Travolta, both Scientologists, announced that they planned to use the childbirth method practiced by the Church of Scientology.

Though not a word was uttered through the labor and delivery of Ethan, the alert and wide-eyed newborn made his debut, “looked around the room and let out a little yelp,” Jamie Bristol 31, tells ParentDish.

“It was so precious, like he was saying ‘Yay,’ ” she recalls.

Except for Ethan’s whimper, there was no chatter, no commentary, no “push, push,” urgings from Dr. Ronald Wu. There were only “looks of support” from husband, Tom, 29, a midwife and the medical team throughout the four-hour labor, Bristol says.

“I did make some noises because it is labor after all,” she says. “And, if anything would have gone wrong, I would have spoken up. But the silence let me focus, remain calm and respectful to the significance of the moment. The only time someone said something was when it was obvious that I had to move to the hospital. The idea is that no one can talk through contractions. So the midwife was very respectful about that, and then just whispered to me about us having to move.”

You can read the full article here on the AOL ParentDish website:

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