Video summary of my approach to raising my children in Scientology

Video summary of my approach to raising my children in Scientology

Video – My Scientology Parenting Approach Summed Up

When trying to sum up how Scientologists approach parenting, folks have tried to compare it to one of the various popularly-packaged styles of parenting that have been making the rounds.  Attachment parenting, nurturant parenting, helicopter parenting, positive parenting, authoritative parenting, etc.    I can’t say that what I believe fits any of these, so I’ve tried here to sum up the main things that I do believe.  Those main things that I hold as chief stable data in how I approach my job as a parent, and I talk about them in the video above.

Now – note that this isn’t an attempt to characterize how all Scientologists approach parenting.  But it’s how I approach it, obviously drawing considerably from my studies as a Scientologist.

Summary – with notes for further study:

  1. Find the Why.  As opposed to explain away difficulties or problems with the kids or in the family, find the underlying cause as opposed to a mere explanation.  References:
    1. Video:  Investigations – from the Volunteer Ministers free on-line course
    2. Investigations chapter of the Scientology Handbook
    3. Article: Don’t Let Them Label Your Children – i.e. explain away symptoms instead of finding a Why
  2. Set a Good Example.   Children are excellent mimics.  If it’s something that you want in your children, make sure you’re doing it right yourself.
    1. The Way to Happiness – Precept: Set a Good Example
    2. Article:  Children Learn by Mimcry – So What are You Teaching Them?
  3. Ownership of a child’s possessions.   When you give something to a child, it’s theirs.   Not yours.
    1. Video:  Scientology and Raising Children
    2. Article: Control of a Child’s Possessions
  4. Understand & use good communication.  
    1. Video:  Communication – from the free on-line Scientology course on Communication
    2. Scientology Free On-Line Course on Communication
    3. Article:  Communication – the Key Element in Parenting
  5. Allow children to contribute in the family.
    1. Video:  Allowing Children to Contribute in the Family
    2. Scientology Handbook course on Children
  6. Continually better your understanding of the mind & life.


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